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Welcome to English Youth Theatre!

English Youth Theatre is a theatre group for young people, teaching theatre in English across Belgium. It is open to all kids and teenagers, regardless of experience or ability, and for over 20 years has given children and teenagers in Belgium the chance to perform in quality theatre productions, interpret classic texts, and build their confidence in a safe and free environment. 

If you'd like to find out more about what we do, check out our pages on Youth Theatre, Holiday Workshops, London Academy Exams and Working With SchoolsTo learn more about EYT, look at our About EYT and Our Team pages, or get in touch with us using our Contact page.

Our teachers teach theatre in these institutions
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Our ethos

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Everyone is welcome in our group, and there are no auditions to pass in order to gain access. We take pride in our group's ability to make new students feel at home very quickly, and we use drama games and exercises to break down the barriers early on, allowing the students to bond and grow together.

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We believe in challenging our pupils, and taking them out of their comfort zone. For a young child, that might be as simple as going on stage in front of their parents and friends. For a teenager, that might be tackling difficult issues and themes in a play. It is important to be challenged, to succeed, and sometimes to fail in order to grow.

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We always support and encourage the student through their challenges. We provide our students with a safe environment where they can explore, converse, and build their confidence.

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