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1. Expressing yourself

Theatre is all about expressing yourself: from your first tentative steps into public performance to devising your own material, it teaches you to gain confidence in yourself and shout from the rooftops!

2. Working in a team

Theatre isn't just about doing big speeches: it's also about working as a team. You'll learn to create and develop ideas together, develop trust and support each other. The best results come from everybody reaching their potential.

3. Learn to think on your feet

We do improvisational theatre all of the time. Improv teaches you to create your own ideas, and since you'll be doing this in a trusting and safe environment, you'll learn to enjoy throwing yourself into the situation and trying our all of your craziest scenarios!

4. Use your...
5. Using body language
6. Improve your memory
7. Learn to think outside the box
8. Improve your critical thinking
9. Make lots of new friends
10. Have loads of fun

Through all aspects of theatre, you'll develop your imagination. Whether it be in the creation of a character, the staging of a play, or even devising an original piece with your classmates, imagination is key!

When words aren't enough, you'll still need to express yourself somehow. In drama classes, you'll learn to use your body to its full expressive potential. In miming sessions, you'll have to perform using nothing but your body and face to convey your story!

Learning lines may sometimes feel like a chore, but there's no feeling like the moment you realise you've got them down, and you're suddenly able to perform without a book in your hand! Better still, it gets easier every time you do it!

Theatre requires you to use lateral thinking to get around problems. If you're performing a scene that takes places 200 years in the future on a moon base, you can't rely on CGI to suspend disbelief! Through acting and creating, you'll learn to think differently, and develop your own solutions.

We work with some challenging pieces which talk about controversial topics, and good plays rarely have a black and white outlook. Through studying both classic and modern pieces, you'll open up your capacity to think critically and challenge both yourself and others.

By rehearsing together, students learn to trust each other, and by sharing a daunting experience like performing together, they bond and become close friends very quickly. Performing in a theatre group creates friends for life.

The most important thing of all is to have fun! Drama classes include loads of games, activities and exercises that are buckets of fun, and our ex-students remember their drama classes as some of the most fun they had during their school years!

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