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See behind the scenes of EYT Festival 2023!

This February, our 68 Senior students took to the stage and performed this year's EYT Festival! This year's festival had six different one-act shows in a range of different styles, with irreverent end-of-the world comedy, coming of age dramedy, heartfelt historical drama, desert island mystery and even gothic Victorian horror!

What is the EYT Festival?

The EYT Festival is a week-end of celebration, where the students of English Youth Theatre get to perform on a big stage, in front of a large audience, alongside their classmates.

Each Senior group (ages 14-18) prepares a one-act play from September to February to be performed at the Festival. We take care to ensure that each group performs a different type of play, varying the styles and themes to create an interesting mix of shows. The students are also encouraged to watch each other's performances, fostering a sense of community between them.

At the end of each night, the Festival Judges take the stage and give a short, but detailed and constructive critique of each show they have seen, offering the students praise, insight and advice on how to improve in their future performances. At the end of the Festival, the Judges give out awards for Best Show, Best Performer, Best Supporting Performer and more, giving the students incentive to give their all to their performance.

In addition to the shows being performed each evening, the EYT Festival also offers a number of youth theatre activities during the day, including workshops on various performance skills.

Taking part in the EYT Festival is an amazing experience for the students. They get to meet the other groups, learn how to work in a professional theatre environment, and bond over their shared experience. Additionally, by grouping the shows together into a festival format, we ensure that the students get the chance to perform to a much larger audience than if they simply performed their own shows separately.

EYT Festival 2023: Photo gallery
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