What is youth theatre?

A youth theatre is a club for young people aged 6 to 18 who come together for a theatre and performing arts activity. Through fun and games, we help our students improve their performing skills and teach them to explore and interpret theatre texts, and every December, we produce a play with each group.
Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of age, experience or ability. Youth theatre is about providing all young people with the gift of enjoying the arts for life.

Our curriculum

Production Term

During their Production term, the groups focus their energy on creating a play, which is staged at the end of the term.
Productions allows our students to get to know each other and bond as a group early on. It also gives them a priceless experience of performing together on stage.

Personal performance

During the Personal Performance term,  we focus individually on each student and prepare them for their LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) exams, which they take at the end of the term. This allows our students to discover great works of theatre, from the Ancient Greeks to Shakespeare, and on to the most modern of contemporary theatre.
LAMDA is a national British qualifications body for the performing arts which provides external validation of the work that our students do.

Skill building and fun

During the Skill Building term, the groups take part in fun and games activities as well as masterclasses on specific skills (such as improv, auditioning, devising, and much more!)
During this period, we provide a fun and valuable activity where they can develop their skills and enjoy themselves in a stress-free way.

Our ethos

We believe in using theatre to help children build their confidence, learn valuable life skills and find themselves through the arts. Theatre is a collective art, built on teamwork, trust and expression. At our classes, students get the chance to express themselves in a safe and welcoming environment, make wonderful friendships that last for years, and leave us with a lifelong love of the arts.

There are three core tenets to our teaching method.

Everyone is welcome in our group, and there are no exams to pass in order to gain access. We take pride in our group's ability to make new students feel at home very quickly, and we use drama games and exercises to break down the barriers early on, allowing the students to bond and grow together.



We believe in challenging our pupils, and taking them out of their comfort zone. For a young child, that might be as simple as going on stage in front of their parents and friends. For a teenager, that might be tackling difficult issues and themes in a play. It is important to be challenged, to succeed, and sometimes to fail in order to grow.


We always support and encourage the student through their challenges. We provide our students with a safe environment where they can explore, converse, and build their confidence.

Annual Fees


Production Levy

LAMDA Exam Fee

This pays for year-round weekly teaching, including individual teaching during the second term. Paid in two instalments.

This pays for the hire of a professional-grade theatre, costume and props. It also covers free tickets to the show!



57€ (G1) - 121€ (G8)

This pays for the external LAMDA exam in April. Prices vary depending on the age and grade of the student.

*A limited number of discount places are available to students from families where neither parent has an income, or where both parents are claiming unemployment benefit or CPAS / OCMW support. If you think you qualify for a discount, get in contact and let us know.

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